My “Be a Better Person” Campaign

I realized recently that I’m in a sort of rut. So I have begun a four point “Be a Better Person” campaign. I may expand the points in the future but for now, I’m going to concentrate on four points. 

1. Intellectually - This has always been a top priority for me and that won’t change. I will always strive to learn new things. This is not limited to science or computer systems/programs but I will stress these two items because I have to start somewhere. Science, because science has such an impact on my daily life, and computer systems/programs because they affect my work so much. Computer literacy and staying current will become a challenge as I grow older so I should ensure I don’t fall behind now. 

2. Physically - I have begun to gain weight. This is not acceptable. I never paid attention to exercise before, nor did I ever enjoy running, but now I must. As I grow older my body will fail, so I don’t want to fail my body now, when it matters the most. The more I exercise now, the less I will have to worry about in the future. I have already started through salsa. And tonight I have started running. I cannot stop. 

3. Financially - Living where I live, near one of the most expensive cities in the nation, it is difficult to save money, but I must save anyway. I must pay off my loans. How I will do this I am not sure yet, but I have begun to budget my money and track my spending.

4. Socially - I am a bit of a homebody/hermit. I don’t do very well with meeting new people, while most people might not think so. It takes me a long time to decide I like someone so I have to start getting “out” there and stop staying at home all the time. With the first three goals, I am not sure how I will work this or how I will meet people in my area, but I will keep my eyes and ears open for all opportunities that align with my other goals. 

This completes my “Be a Better Person” campaign for now. I hope writing it out will help ensure my commitment to this campaign continues. 



So excited about this.

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Never thought I would identify with kourtney kardashian!

Never thought I would identify with kourtney kardashian!

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such great animation

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Meet the hottest subway security guard: Guilherme Leão (Brazil) #1

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How did this even happen!??

How did this even happen!??

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Firefly | 1.01 Serenity

Best scene ever.

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if you live with a cat, you have had this conversation. 


Coffee and every morning.

Every god damn thing I try to eat.

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That steak analogy is my favorite,

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